What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Moving Into A Continuing Care Senior Living Community?

15 September 2022
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Senior living communities are a great option for active seniors who are looking for a place to spend their retirement. They provide numerous activities and opportunities for mingling with other seniors. However, most of these communities require you to be able to live independently, as they're not able to provide the same level of care as a nursing home or assisted living facility. If your health changes, you may need to move into something that can provide you with more care. Read More 

In-Home Personal Senior Care Options And Benefits

30 June 2022
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Are you experiencing an injury or a decline in your mental or physical health, causing you to wonder if in-home personal senior care is a good option for you? You may feel overwhelmed or embarrassed at the thought of accepting help, but there is nothing wrong with doing so.  What Is In-Home Personal Senior Care?   In-home personal senior care is a service that allows you to remain in your home longer. Read More 

Skilled Nursing Interventions for Chronic Wounds

18 February 2022
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Chronic wounds refer to those that are resistant to treatment and wounds that do not heal. Examples of chronic wounds are stasis ulcers, which are wounds typically caused by poor circulation and diabetes, and pressure ulcers. While low-grade pressure and stasis ulcers generally do not require skilled nursing interventions, those chronic wounds that are deep, infected, or have damaged the muscle, tendons, or bones do require skilled nursing interventions. Here are some effective skilled nursing interventions to treat chronic wounds that are performed in nursing homes so that the healing process can be expedited. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Senior Housing

25 October 2021
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People's needs change as they progress through life. In the later years of their lives, many people find that their housing needs change as well. Seniors are more likely to have trouble living alone due to declining physical abilities. Additionally, many seniors suffer from feelings of isolation, which can be exacerbated by solitary living conditions. Senior housing can provide a great solution for elderly people who need somewhere to live. Assisted living facilities and senior communities offer all the benefits of private living with many additional advantages as well. Read More 

Types Of Senior Care Services

30 June 2021
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In some instances, old age makes people unable to handle their daily tasks due to deteriorating health and wellbeing. Consequently, their loved ones must figure who and how senior care services are discharged to their aging relatives. While figuring out that a relative needs senior care service is a good thing, knowing the best type and advantages of the services available can be overwhelming. The excerpt below describes the types and benefits of senior care services, and hopefully, the details will guide your decision. Read More