4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Senior Living Community

6 September 2018
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If you are approaching retirement age or are unable to maintain your house, senior living apartments may be a viable option for you. Before making your decision in which senior living community you want to reside in, take the time to evaluate a few of your favorites so that you can make an informed decision. Here are four things to consider when choosing a senior living community and how they can help you decide where your next home should be:

Services Offered

Not all senior living apartments provide residents with the same levels of professional services. For example, some senior living communities are reserved for those who are independent and who can perform their activities of daily living without any help.

This includes having the ability to dress, bathe, groom, ambulate, and eat without assistance. If you have health conditions that cause mobility or cognitive deficits, you may not be a candidate for an independent living setting. Instead, consider a senior living community known as an assisted living residence. There, you will have your personal needs met by staff, and if needed, you can request cooking, laundry, and light housekeeping services as well.

Pet Policy

If you cannot imagine life without your beloved pet, make sure that the senior living community you choose allows them. Even if you do not have a pet now, you may want to consider pet ownership in the future.

Pet-friendly communities not only allow you to live with your pets, but many also provide pet therapy programs. If you love being around animals, then you'll love the weekly or monthly visits from a sweet, loving animal that you can hug and play with, if you so desire.

It is thought that interacting with pets can have beneficial health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, regulating the heart rate, and lifting a sad mood. Be sure to check if the community has breed or weight restrictions of pets. Even though the apartment management may allow animals, certain restrictions may apply.

Healthcare Affiliations

If you need physical rehabilitation or occupational therapy services as a result of a fracture, stroke, or degenerative joint condition, look for a senior living community that has affiliations to skilled nursing facilities or rehabilitation hospitals.

It is important to note, however, even if you do not require rehabilitative services at this time, you may be comforted to know that your community has an affiliation with these types of services, should your needs change in the future.

You should also find out if these services are available on the campus of your community or if you will need to travel to another location. Having this knowledge in hand will help ease your mind should your health status change over time.

Activities And Social Events

Staying active is key to maintaining a positive outlook on life. Forging new relationships and participating in fun activities such as bowling, swimming, crafts, and playing cards will keep you busy and enrich your life.

Before deciding on a senior apartment community, decide if involvement in group activities is right for you. Some people prefer keeping to themselves or simply interact with their close friends and family members.

Even if social activities are not important to you, group trips to the grocery store sponsored by the senior community will help alleviate challenges that you may face when you need to shop.

If you no longer want the responsibility of home ownership, contact the management office of a senior living community. He or she will send you a packet of information detailing their apartment specifications, amenities, health services, pet policies, and activity programs. After looking over the information, visit the property to determine if you like the layout and if you feel comfortable in the environment.