Types Of Assistance Residents Have At Assisted Living Facilities

7 December 2020
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The benefit of moving to an assisted living facility is that it provides a balanced amount of freedom and assistance. The residents can do things on their own when they can, but they can also receive help when they need it. When you move to an assisted living facility, you can receive many types of assistance, and here are some types.

Scheduled Assistance

People who move to assisted living facilities can set up scheduled assistance for the services they need. For example, if a resident needs help daily with getting dressed or bathing, they can schedule this service. A worker will come to the person's unit to help with these things right on schedule. You can schedule any types of services that you need help with when you live in an assisted living community.

Emergency or Urgent Help

The residents might also encounter times when they need help doing things that they did not expect. Each room in the facility has call buttons the residents can use to call for help. When they push the call button, someone will immediately come to their aid. For example, a resident might try to bathe alone and experience problems during it. If this happens, someone can come to help them finish up. Residents can call for help whenever they need it, and they will not have to wait long for assistance.

Meals and Eating

Another key perk of assisted living is that it provides meals for the residents. While the apartments might have kitchens in them, many seniors no longer cook. Instead, they can visit the cafeteria for their meals. The kitchen staff will prepare healthy meals for them, and they can utilize these meals whenever they decide to.

Entertainment and Companionship

The other thing to know is that assisted living communities offer many other things to the residents. Two vital things they offer are entertainment and companionship. When seniors move to these facilities they have things to do each day. They can play games or do crafts. They can also go on outings or do other activities. The best part is that they will have people to be with all the time, and companionship is vital for seniors.

If you are considering moving to an assisted living facility, you can start looking for one. You can visit several communities to see what they offer before choosing the one you like the best.