Does Your Elderly Loved One Require A Move To Assisted Living?

17 March 2021
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It is not an easy decision to decide to place your elderly loved one into an assisted living facility. This is particularly true if your loved one prefers to be independent. Your loved one has likely been in the same exact house for years and has many memories in that home. With that being said, the decision to move on is just as hard for them as it is for you. However, you need to remember that your making a decision regarding your loved one's health and safety. The key is to know when the time is right to make this move. Here are a few signs to know when you need to sit down with your elderly loved one and talk about a move to assisted living.

Your Loved One Seems Down and Blue

For a lot of individuals, it can be a bit difficult to come to terms with aging and this can lead to depression. Some possible reasons depression may occur in the elderly include dealing with daily chronic pain, losing a significant other, dealing with the frustration of performing specific tasks, and not being able to partake in certain activities. When your loved one is at an assisted living facility, they can have access to therapy and other treatment that can help them with depression that may be able to help them begin to enjoy life once again.

Your Loved One Is Losing Weight

In many cases, when an elderly individual is depressed, they may begin to lose weight. In all cases, depression does not have to precede weight loss, but it can in some instances. In other instances, weight loss can be a result of medications or illnesses. Regardless of what the cause may be, weight loss could potentially put your loved one at a higher risk of depression (if they are not already depressed), infection, and potentially even death. The good news is that the health care staff at assisted living facilities are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to ensure the elderly receive the nutrition that they need on a daily basis.

Your Loved One Isn't Keeping Up with Their Hygiene

Another sign that your elderly loved one is having difficulty with their independence is when they are unable to manage their own hygiene on a daily basis. You should also keep an eye on the clothes that your loved one is wearing to ensure that they are changing clothes regularly and doing laundry frequently. Assisted living facilities will provide assistance with laundry tasks and getting dressed each day.

If you recognize the aforementioned signs or any others like forgetfulness, failing to take medication, or frequent injuries, you should seriously consider assisted living. For more information, contact local assisted living facilities.